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The best Sicilian beaches

Choose to spend a day in the most beautiful beaches of Sicily or spend a day at the Sicily Outlet Village for shopping in the shops of the major Italian designers such as Gucci or Armani (and many others)

Sandy Beach Trip

Take a well-earned break from sightseeing and discover one of Rome’s best beaches on a private day trip to Sabaudia Beach. Letting someone else drive allows you to skip the hassle of navigation and, instead, soak up Rome’s coastal beauty while opting for a private tour allows you to customize your itinerary according to your interests.

Cale della Costa of Baunei Tour

Our beaches are among the most beautiful on the island, they cannot be reached by car but only by sea, and this makes them still untouched. Our guides are native to the place and know every beach and cove-like their pockets.

Best Places to Visit


This tear-drop isle in the Mediterranean has long been one of the most coveted Italian holidaying destinations of all. Fringed by beautiful beaches and craggy coves like San Vito and rugged Cala Rossa, the island is perfect for sunbathers and relaxation seekers.


Rough-around-the-edges Naples has all the charm of a truly lived-in Campanian city. As one of the longest continuously inhabited places in the world, it’s hardly surprising that it conceals layer upon layer of history and culture between its tight-knit streets.

Italian Lake District

Made famous by the mountain-shrouded waters of Lake Garda and Como, this uber-elegant and well-to-do region of the Italian north is really worth the visit.

Most Popular Beaches in Italy

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia

Cala Goloritze in Sardinia is one of Italy’s most famous beaches. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs and turquoise sea. It’s considered to be one of Italy’s prized-possessions and was declared a UNESCO world heritage site since 1995.

Cala Granara, Sardinia

Cala Granara is a stunning beach located on the archipelago of Isola di Spargi. The beach looks like a Caribbean paradise, with lush palm trees, white sands, and shallow, crystal clear waters.

San Fruttuoso, Liguria

The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and overlooked by San Fruttuoso Abbey, a medieval structure famous for its triple-mullioned windows. The bay is popular with divers too, who come to see a statue of the Christ of the Abyss, which was placed in the waters in 1954 at a depth of about 18 metres by the Costa family.

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Our Italy tours provide an inspired vacation without the hassle and stress of planning, so you get an Italian vacation, unlike anything you could plan on your own. Savour a Parmesan cheese while lying on the sunny beach near the beautiful warm sea.

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